Frank Horvat & Jean Martin in the recording studio for the album I Can See You

Back to the Studio!

This week, producer, Jean Martin and I are back to work on the 2nd album for The Frank Horvat Band. I know, not much rest since the first album just came out in January, but the creative juices were pumping this spring and I have a lot of new and exciting musical ideas I would like to get out there.

For me, there are 3 main stages to getting your music out there: 1. Writing, 2. Recording, 3. Promoting. Of the three, I have to say recording is my favourite! Writing is gratifying but can get frustrating if no ideas are coming out, and it can also be lonely. Promoting is definitely not my favourite as it forces me to talk highly of what I do… my low self esteem definitely hates that. But recording is the best! You get to refine ideas, polish them and basically bring sounds in your head to life for the rest of the world to hear. I’m a people person too (so why did you become a composer??) so it’s nice to work with great fellow musicians and a producer.

The producer-recording artist relationship is a sacred one in the world of music. I am very fortunate to work with someone like Jean, but we are a bit of an odd couple. He’s a drummer, I play keys. He’s pretty laidback, I’m pretty intense. He likes to fish and golf, I, well, don’t like doing those things. But despite this, we do have much in common… we’re both originally from Ottawa (having worked at the same music store at different times in our youth), we both worry and care about our moms a lot, and most importantly we like making unique, original music unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

So I’m stoked!! I can’t wait to share with all of you what we come up with in the next bunch of weeks. I promise, it will be something special born out of a beautiful musical friendship.