WWF Snail Mail

Disappointment in the mail turns into a bigger question

I have to start by being transparent and saying that I used to work at WWF-Canada. I left that org a little over two years ago and since then I keep on getting their snail mail, urgh. I’ve emailed and called four or five times now asking to be permanently removed from their list. Why should WWF spend donor money on mailings and send me wasteful paper that I won’t read when I’m happy to stay in-touch digitally?

Unfortunately, I just got another thick envelope from them in the mail. The people at WWF who take my messages truly want to adhere to my wishes but somewhere down the line (or perhaps ‘up’ the line), I’m not listened to. How many supporters are they annoying because of their lack of respect?

As I was contemplating respect, a look of doubt must have crossed my face. I’ve been helping Frank with his music career, especially of late. He has so many wonderful supporters. People who never miss him play, people who own every one of his albums and love listening to them, people who read all the tidbits in his e-newsletters, people who support him with words and actions all year long.

Here I was being frustrated with someone else but how are we doing with respect to the people who allow Frank to continue making music? We plan concerts, send out emails, put updates on social media, run contests, have merchandise for sale… But, are we listening? Are we giving them what they want? Do we even give them a chance to tell us what they want?

So please let us know! Of course, we don’t have the resources to take all requests at once but hopefully over the years, with a lot more listening, we can. Please leave a comment below or on Facebook, Twitter, by email, phone or even snail mail if you prefer, I promise to read, re-use and then recycle your note. We’d truly love to hear your thoughts because we LOVE your support of new music.

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