SKI Club Recording Session

Heading into ‘New Waters’ with the Musical

If you didn’t know, I’ve been working on composing music for a musical called SKI Club since December 2014, and it’s still not done. That might seem like a long time, but the thing I’ve learned about working on this project is that it takes a long time for a musical to come together. I was told that coming into this project and now I believe it!

But I’m not complaining. Collaborating with playwright, Catherine Frid, and dramaturge, Andrew Lamb, to bring this all to life has been an absolute pleasure. Especially since it has such an important story to tell. Four seniors living in the Alpine Retirement Home are looking to get out of the financial restraint put on them by their adult children and live the life they want to live. On the surface, it sounds like a heavy-duty topic, but quite oppositely, Catherine has constructed a book that is witty, funny and heartwarming.

This past January, we had the pleasure of producing a demo recording of 5 of the songs from the show. With the production expertise of Jean Martin and a talented group of singers/actors, we’re really happy to officially unveil the songs this week! Please visit my SKI Club page to have a listen and let me know what you think!

Still much to do to complete the music for SKI Club – Catherine and I are finishing the rest of the songs as we speak. We hope we’ll be done within the next month or two so we can then workshop the entire show later this year once funding is secured. Stay tuned!

SKI Club recording session with Renee Stein

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