It's My 40th Birthday!

I’m 40!?

Huh? I haven’t given this much thought. It kind of sneaks up on you doesn’t it? I’ve always had that gnawing feeling in my gut that time is running out (that’s pretty much what my new album, I Can See You, is all about) but should 40 make that feeling worse or has nothing changed?

Basically, that feeling in the pit of my stomach is probably part Crohn’s and part, I can’t make and share my music quickly enough. So, since I don’t want any gifts or cake or anything at all for my birthday, you could help me celebrate by helping me do what matters most – sharing my music with others…

Please post my latest enewsletter on Facebook. Please share it with your address book. If your friends subscribe to future newsletters then they’ll get a free download off my new CD. That would be a big birthday present for my big 4-0!

– f.

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