Dorland Mountain Arts Colony - July 2019

Juggling Hour-Long Compositions

I feel very grateful to be in Temecula, California attending an artist residency at the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony. The plan was to compose a follow-up to my hour-long piano composition for the dark, Earth Hour. So far, a week into my 3 weeks here, I’ve been composing something else.

It’s also an hour-long piece, but purely electronic. It’s simply called Meditation. A very ambient piece that has a hypnotic feel. I started it back in February but then I left it in order to work on other things. A few weeks ago while still back at home in Toronto, I looked at it again and was filled with such joy in the musical potential. It’s always interesting to listen back to a work-in-progress from a while back and be surprised by what you hear…”I can’t believe I composed that!!”

I was hoping it would be completed before I left, but this piece has been a meticulous study in the importance of each and every pitch. And while it’s sparse in nature, the fact that it’s an hour long means there’s still many many notes to sculpt and ensure that they sit properly in the soundscape.

Anyway, I’m pretty confident that I’ll be done within the next few days so I can get on to Earth Hour 2. But I’ve enjoyed working on this so much, I’m already planning for Meditation 2. No plans yet on how I will share Meditation 1 with the world, but will keep you updated. In the meantime, enjoy everything that comes from within.

Dorland Mountain Arts Colony - July 2019

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