1 week, 1 composer, 4 albums - life, love, war

Mark Your Calendars – New Albums Sept 18-21

This crazy musical odyssey of releasing 4 different albums of music all at once has been 2 years in the making. In my world, 24 months is a long time for these types of projects to be lingering. And while I’ll admit that working on the 4 albums was a very fulfilling experience (especially because of the many amazing people that helped me make the music), I often asked myself at various times through the whole process, WHEN IS THIS ALL GOING TO END????

Well, we FINALLY have an answer…

September 18: Me to We – neo-romantic chamber

September 19: The Current Agenda – electro-chamber music on social justice issues

September 20: You Haven’t Been – new solo piano music played by moi!

September 21: Love in 6 Stages – epic avant-pop art songs featuring the wonderful Laura Swankey

And yes, I know that releasing an album per day all in one week is a little nutty. But sometimes in life, it’s nice to do what feels right. The stars aligned to give me the chance to record all these around the same time, so rather than stagger the releases, I said, what the heck!?!…Let’s just get them all out there!

BTW, for the past little while, I ran a contest where I invited my e-list subscribers to guess the week in which the albums would be released. The winners are to receive free downloads of all 4 albums. I’m happy to announce that those winners are Melanie from Edmonton and Monika from Winnipeg – congratulations!!

We’ve got a month to go before the albums come out. So please join my e-list to get the inside story…would love to have you along as this wonderful musical journey continues.

1 week, 1 composer, 4 albums - life, love, war

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