Frank Horvat recording in home studio

Much music to write, so little time

There is so much music I have yet to write and I realized not too long ago that there is so little time left to do it.

You know that feeling when you have so much to say, so much to contribute, but not enough time? That was the scary/sad realization I had over a year ago. I probably started unconsciously realizing it just before the summer of 2012. But, last year I finally made a 5-year plan to try and tackle my fear head on and get moving in the direction I want to go. In the past year or two I’ve made tonnes of progress – I’m about to release 2 CDs in 1 year, I keep on having world premieres of my pieces – 2 have even been in Europe this year with hopefully a third coming soon. And, as you see in the pic above, I’ve even started recording some new piano pieces at home to make things go quicker and cheaper.

These are my initial year-in-review thoughts. But, this coming weekend I’ll be sitting down and looking at that plan I made a year ago and figuring out if I’ve had real progress and if this progress is sustainable for the next year, years and decades.

Because, not everything is going well. I never seem to have enough time or energy. I just had to cancel a performance because of lack of money. I have a backlog of pieces I need to write… I just finished the score for diskriminatsiya, which is being played in less than a month – that’s cutting it close! Am I doing enough? Am I doing the right things? What will my regrets be? What will be my achievements?

If you’ve got any advice for me, now would be a great time to share! I want to make sure I’m on the right track in order to succeed. The plan needs to help me do the right things to find time/money to write/record and get my music out there and in the right places. It could be an exciting four years to come…if I get the plan right.

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