Trumpet Etudes Commissioning Project - Richard Stoelzel & Frank Horvat

NEW Commission – Tooting My Own Horn!

I am very pleased to announce that thanks to the generous support of the SOCAN Foundation and anonymous benefactors, I have been commissioned by master trumpeter and McGill University Faculty member, Richard Stoelzel, to compose a suite of trumpet etudes.

The title, ‘So Close AND So Far’, is a play on how the collection is structured. Motifs are based on “closer” intervals to start and as you work through the pieces, those interval motifs get bigger or “farther” apart. My goal is to compose a collection of pieces that help trumpeters improve their technique while acting as an expressive outlet to display the wide moods that can be evoked through their instrument at the same time. Each piece has a unique expressive quality that tells its own story.

Ever heard that old saying, “oh so close, yet so far”? In conceiving these etudes, I wanted to flip the regret and sadness of this familiar phrase into something that evokes positivity and achievement, especially for the trumpeters that play these pieces. As musicians, we enjoy a challenge. To be able to do something that we were not previously able to do through hard work is a pure joy. It’s glorious to master something that formerly felt difficult or even impossible. My hope is that all the trumpeters who practice these etudes achieve their goals and not just get “close”.

The trumpeter has the option of inviting a percussionist friend to play along with them on each etude. Each of the 15 Etudes has been conceived with its own unique percussion instrument in mind. In Richard’s case, he plans to record and perform these etudes with his son, Gabriel.

Want to know when the recording and sheet music will be available publicly? Stay tuned to my social media channels and sign-up to my e-newsletter for updates on our progress. I look forward to sharing this collection with the world so trumpeters have something new to play to toot their own horn!

Trumpet Etudes Commissioning Project - Richard Stoelzel & Frank Horvat

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