The Rings

On the Road to the Olympics…uh, I mean the Polaris

When a musician releases a CD, we see it play out on social media. It looks like a lot of fun. The CD reviews, media attention, radio play, the tour, all the concerts, etc. Everything looks perfect like there were never any hardships along the way. It is kind of like watching the athletes compete at the Olympics. But we know that being an athlete isn’t all fun and games. Last night Ron MacLean and Clara Hughes did a great job at reminding us that it’s a long journey for the athletes with many ups and tons of downs.

It’s great that our athletes get the support they deserve during the Olympics but my hat is off to them for what they do in the in-between years. There’s sacrifice, pain, isolation, depression, self-doubt and the list goes on. I think my musician friends can probably relate to an athlete’s trials.

It’s a journey and in order to keep a smile on your face, you have to celebrate all the little wins along the way or else it will get too bleak. So, this is me celebrating my little win…

There are 5 steps to winning the Canadian Polaris Music Prize, which honours creativity and diversity in the Canadian recorded music.

Phase 5: record & release a Canadian album
Phase 4: be considered by the jurors for a Long List nomination
Phase 3: get voted onto the Long List
Phase 2: get voted onto the Short List
Phase 1: win the Polaris!

I’m happy to say that on January 21st, 2014 I ‘won’ phase 5 by releasing my CD to a great crowd in Toronto with a mini-tour. And this week, I’ve won phase 4. Yeah! In the end, I might not end up with a podium finish but as a Canadian, I’m proud to have done my best by celebrating the wins along the way!

P.S. Come celebrate with me this Saturday @ 3PM & 9PM…


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