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Proud to be a Momma’s Boy!

I’ve previously used my blog to talk about how special my mom is to me. A recent phone conversation with her confirmed this sentiment…

I recently had 3 performances of a new composition of mine for violin and piano performed in Montreal and Ottawa. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend any of these performances. The last of these 3 performances took place at Parliament Hill in Ottawa – my parents were able to attend this one. I was curious about what my parents would think of the piece.

Five days later, I finally had a chance to talk with them on the phone to hear their thoughts. Both enjoyed my piece and the event. But it was my mother’s comments that particularly touched my heart. With a calm, deliberate yet passionate tone to her voice, she proceeded to describe in great detail all that transpired for her. The musicians started playing and she closed her eyes. She did not open them again until the last note was complete. While listening, she felt herself floating and feeling great joy inside. She described how she could feel my heart beating inside her. She had not felt that since she was a pregnant with me over 42 years ago. Even though I was hundreds of kilometres away, she felt like I was right there in the room with her. All this from just the sound of the music filling that room. She was also adamant to make clear that her feelings were not just because I am her son. As she pointed out assertively, there are some of my compositions she does not care for:)! But for some reason, that piece moved her to this state.

Needless to say, I was overwhelmed emotionally by her words. I have never been so moved by anything my mom has ever told me and I don’t think I will ever be by anything she tells me in the future. I will cherish her words until the day I die.

As a composer, my job is to get a reaction from as many people as possible. Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted that your family and friends will support you. But it all really starts with them. They give us the strength to be the best we can be. Without them, we are nothing.

Boy with flower

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