The Struggle for the BIG Idea

I’m in a batting slump lately. I have not hit the (metaphorical) home run in a while. In my business, hitting the home run is coming up with the BIG idea, creative new ideas for compositions and musical projects. A couple of weeks back, Lisa gave me the assignment of coming up with the premise for a proposal for a big Canada Council grant that she wants to apply for. I racked my brain for days with the result being one lame idea after the other. Finally, she came up with a great idea and I filled in the dots of how it would go down. Usually, I’m the one coming up with the big ideas, but I seem to be in a rut.

Earlier this week, we spent an evening at Luminato checking out the various interactive displays and installations in a unique setting. All I could think of is why I can’t come up with something like this???

It’s not like I haven’t been doing any creative work lately. I continue to compose tonnes of film/tv compositions and work on upcoming albums of my more artsy compositions. Work progresses on the Musical and I even have some commissions and pitches coming up for new works. But all of these already have a set premise established for me to work on. I feel like a labourer with no light bulbs and “tings” going off as I work through my creative days. Is this what I signed up for?

My personal theory of why this is happening is that it has less to do with emotional reasons, and more to do with physical reasons. Simply put, I’m tired! I feel like I’m tired all the time. Lisa and I take one day off per month with no work. With trying to move this career forward, I don’t know how this could change anytime soon. I’ve also been very busy with teaching and music association business lately. My various chronic ailments just might be catching up to me.

I need to find more time to rest and use that time to rejuvenate and contemplate. If I can’t or won’t find the time, I’m fearful that Earth Hour will be as good as it gets.


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