Top Classical Album 2021 - CBC Music

Thank You, CBC Music!

What a blessed year it has been for my creative life! All 3 albums I released this year have a special place in my heart. But the 2nd of those releases, Music for Self-Isolation, has particularly captured the attention of the world which makes sense since it attempts to address the spirit of the pandemic we continue to live through.

To have CBC Music rank ‘Music for Self-Isolation’ #5 in its top classical albums of 2021 brings me extreme joy! I have such deep gratitude for the literally hundreds of people that made this project happen. I am humbled to be on the same list as all these Canadian colleagues who I admire and respect so greatly. ❤️??

Honestly, if nothing else I do get’s this much attention, I have already received an abundant amount. #grateful

Top Classical Album 2021 - CBC Music

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