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Is It Time For Me To Be More Active on Instagram?

The title is actually a direct question I would appreciate your perspective on. I have had an Instagram account for a while now. But I have never posting anything there. Yet, people are posting performances of my music, often exclusively, there so I feel compelled to be more engaged.

Here’s the latest vid, a beautiful and artistic interpretation of my piece, My Fractured Soul…

It’s not that I have anything personally against Instagram. It’s just that I work hard at using 3 other platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The thought of adding a 4th platform to manage daily concerns me a bit. I love the interactive nature of social media and it’s an essential way to share music. While I do post daily and use it as an info source of what’s going on, I’m also not on it all day. Usually just an hour each morning. I don’t want it to be a distraction so I just don’t go there while I’m doing other things. So the hour I spend on social media each morning is quite focussed. Will adding another platform impact my daily routine?

Is Instagram too important and popular of a platform these days to ignore from a music marketing standpoint? Should I sacrifice my attention on one of the other platforms and spend more time on Instagram instead? Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

I’m a complete novice to Instagram…don’t really know how to navigate this platform. But if I am convinced that it’s important, I will learn. I appreciate staying in touch and I appreciate sharing. Life has provided us with these details. So important to keep engaged.

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