Just Arrived! The Frank Horvat Band's new album, Strange Machine

Unleashing 10 new songs into the world

Composing and recording an album is a heavenly space to be in as a musician although it’s often a long process filled with many ups and downs. It energizes and it sucks energy (and money) from you. By the time it’s over you’re a little burnt out and happy to get on with the next step in the process – sending the music off for someone else to make and print the packaging and CDs.

Then all of a sudden, a whole bunch of boxes filled with shiny new CDs are delivered to your door. Like Christmas you excitedly rip open a box to see and smell the fruits of your labour. Then, suddenly that excited moment ends and you enter the ‘now what stage?’

What I do know is that music isn’t anything until it gets heard. So on November 1st, my new album, Strange Machine, stops being mine as I release 10 of my songs into the world. Once I put them out there they start becoming everyone else’s and they take on new meaning for everyone who hears them.

We’ve all experienced that music that changes something in us. Whether it changes how we feel in the moment or it has a lasting effect on the rest of our lives, a song or an album has the power to make us see and feel the world a little differently.

For the most part, I’ll never know the answer to how my music makes other people feel. But I do hope it makes people feel. I would love to hear in the comments below particular songs you’ve heard over your lifetime that have had that magic power to change things in you.

If you want to know what impact, Strange Machine, will have, order your physical or digital copy. As of November 1 it will also be streaming on SoundCloud.

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But, please do leave a comment below on music that has changed your life…

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