The Week After - Frank Horvat

The Week After…15 Years Later

A couple of weeks ago, I looked at the calendar and realized that the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks was almost here. I had not thought about that day for some time, which is surprising to me since it was a day that was etched in my heart and mind for so long. Whether good or bad, anniversary numbers that end with the number 5 or 0 seem to have more of that “special occasion” significance. So it got me thinking back to that awful day. Lisa and I had just returned from a trip in Spain. I was starting up my teaching for a new school year. My friend, Fel, called that Tuesday morning and told me to turn on the TV – it hardly went off for the next 7 days. Ironically, that trip to Spain had resulted in me really re-thinking what my priorities were in life, and then a couple of days later, life really changed.

Trip to Spain 2001

Watching TV incessantly that week combined with the Spain trip reminded me that life is precious and unpredictable. From those weeks to this very present, for me, life must be all about doing what you have passion for.

Fast forward to the past couple of weeks, all the memories of that time came flooding back. A week after Sept 11, I composed a piece called The Week After that encapsulated my feelings that week. This past week, I listened to it and all the memories came flooding back. Lisa put together a wonderful video a week ago that so nicely encapsulates where I was at emotionally that week…

Turning points in life have always fascinated me. This one was quite dramatic that I wish never happened, and hope that it never happens again.

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