Frank's Birthday Cake

Welcome to you, happy birthday to me!

Well, today isn’t actually my birthday but it sure feels that way. It isn’t every day you get a new website and start a blog. As a performing composer, I’m so lucky to meet so many great people at concerts and through artistic collaborations. But, I’m not on tour every day, most of the time I’m at home, alone, practicing, writing and doing all the music business stuff. So, I’ve decided to start blogging, giving us a chance to ‘meet’ more frequently, shoot the breeze, talk about music, life and … I look forward to staying in touch with all of you I’ve met on the road and throughout my life. And, I can’t wait to meet so many more of you digitally first and then in person.

I’ll never forget my first CD release party in 2007 at the Gladstone in Toronto for my CD, ‘I’ll Be Good‘. That was a time when MySpace was king. I met so many interesting people on that site. But then, the night of the CD release, they started arriving at the show, all these virtual people were now real and some I consider great friends today.

So, to old friends and new virtual friends – my old friends of the future. Thank you for coming to the birth of my blog. To many more years!

BTW, that picture was taken around lunchtime on my birthday while on the road during the Green Keys Tour. This tour day was so busy that I didn’t even have time to eat the (ice cream) cake until I got back to the hotel around 11pm after the concert. The cake was a pile of mushy goop by then as we only had a fridge in the room. But, it tasted amazing none the less!

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