You Haven't Been

You Haven’t Been Is Coming

Last fall, I recorded 13 new piano compositions for my future album, You Haven’t Been. The pieces are inspired by a variety of themes: despair, depression, yearning, introspection and contemplation. These are all subjects and emotions I feel I have intimate knowledge of. I’ve battled depression for years. And through a lot of hard work and reliance on healthy coping tools, I feel I’m able to keep it under control. One such tool is definitely music so it was a true pleasure to make this album and get some of those feelings out there through the sound of the piano.

The album is presently being shopped around to record labels, then it will need to be mastered and artwork prepared. So the game plan is to have it released at some point later this year. I’m looking forward to sharing this with the world!

In the meantime, I’m happy to officially unveil the piano sheet music for all the pieces on this album. If you’re a pianist, feel free to click on any of the titles below, then click “Score”. Try them out and let me know your thoughts!

01 Crossroads Where I Stand
02 Despair
03 An Understated Resolve
04 Realizations
05 Goodbye Louisa
06 Desolate Heart
07 Crestfallen
08 Just One Moment
09 Longing
10 My Fractured Soul
11 Silent Struggle
12 Distant
13 Diverging Crossroads

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