A Little Loopy

2014 – for 4 harps – 10:00

  1. A Little Loopy Sharlene Wallace (harp) Buy or Stream 09:54


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Album: What Goes Around
Date: October 25, 2019
Musician(s): Sharlene Wallace
Producer: Frank Horvat and Jean Martin
Location: THE FARM, Toronto
Label: Centrediscs

What Goes Around album - composed by Frank Horvat

Programme Notes

The phrase ‘a little loopy’ often implies something eccentric, crazy or confusing. This is not the case with this composition. This piece is all about the feelings of being happy, content and energized. The title refers to the minimalist nature of the work and the fact that it loops a lot!

I originally intended for this piece to be a solo harp piece. But what quickly became evident is that it would be physically impossible for one harpist to play in real time. So I divided the piece into 4 voice ranges: soprano, alto, tenor and bass. Each voice represented a pitch range and a specific quarter of a beat within a one-beat grouping. I had harpist, Sharlene Wallace, record each of the 4 parts mostly “on the beat”. Then in the editing process, each of the parts were rhythmically shifted so they held their own unique position within the beat. The result is somewhat of a pointillistic effect creating these unique sonorities.

Played at a fast tempo, the repetition and driving rhythm create humming sounds in my head when I hear it. I guess I should have called it ‘A Little Drone-y’, but I like ‘A Little Loopy’ better.

– Frank Horvat

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