All that remains: Residual…

… Moments

2022-23 – for flute, violin, piano, vibraphone, cello, fixed electronics – 60:00
Music for an interdisciplinary performance art installation in collaboration with filmmaker, Gunilla Josephson.


World Premiere (1hr version): Nov 15, 2023, The Aperture Room, Toronto, Canada
Thin Edge New Music Collective

Programme Notes

All that remains: Residual Moments can be described as more of an exhibition than an event, more of a transformation of time and space than a concert, more of a unifying experience than an installation. This larger-than-life immersive sensory experience combines music, video imagery and human presence to create a stage for the unveiling of our childhood memories. It is presented with moving image, original instrumental music, live musicians and a designed soundscape.

The concept for ‘Residual Moments’ was born from my enduring fascination with the complex nature of reminiscing about our past. For some, the past is a repository of painful experiences, while for others, it is a treasure trove of joyous memories. And for many, it’s a delicate blend of both. I often wonder whether our perception of our past remains positive even when it carries a negative tinge, or if the reverse is also true.

These past memories become the very foundation that shapes our unique identities. This profound subject touches the depths of each person’s soul. That’s why I envisioned creating a project that immerses audiences fully in this exploration. This is why ‘Residual Moments’ is intentionally lengthy, and I aspire to make it even more expansive in the future. I relish the idea of it being an installation, allowing attendees to immerse themselves to the extent they desire. In this piece, we give a voice to instrumental musicians who usually perform without uttering a word. Here, they share their hearts and souls through both music and speech, creating a poignant connection between their stories and their art.

My hope is that those who experience ‘Residual Moments’ find it to be a sanctuary—a safe space for engagement, stimulation, and a profound journey of empathy and introspection to navigate their own path forward.

– Frank Horvat

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Produced with the financial support of the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Canada Council for the Arts

Recording funded in part thanks to the Ontario Arts Council

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