Couple Married 72 Years Dies…

…Holding Hands

2015 – Concerto for Clarinet with Orchestra (221bcl1 / 2211 / 2perc / / str) – 20:00

Sheet Music

Score – 1st mov (pdf)
Score – 2nd mov (pdf)
Score – 3rd mov (pdf)
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World Premiere: May 9, 2015, Toronto, Canada
Michael Westwood (clarinet)
Greater Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by John Palmer)

Other Performances:
June 6, 2015, Toronto, Canada (more details)
Michael Westwood (clarinet)
Greater Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by Pratik Gandhi)

Programme Notes

Gordon and Norma Yeager had an inseparable bond during their 72 years of marriage. Even a tragic car crash in October 2011 could not split them apart. In trying to save their lives, hospital staff had them “bed-beside-bed” as Gordon’s right hand held Norma’s left hand until they both took their final breaths. This composition musically captures the three following scenes:

1. The accident that decided how their love affair would begin to end,
2. Those final moments they spent clinging to their love,
3. And out of the ashes of tragedy comes the recognition of what a couple’s love can accomplish in this world.

Story that inspired the composition:

  1. Couple Married 72 Years... - Movement 1 (midi demo) 05:14
  2. Couple Married 72 Years... - Movement 2 (midi demo) 06:16
  3. Couple Married 72 Years... - Movement 3 (midi demo) 08:26


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Musical Notes:

As the story that inspired this Concerto originates in the Heartland of America (Iowa), I was influenced by the American orchestral sound that I so enjoy – especially Copland, Glass and Hollywood Film Music. This is not a traditional concerto showcasing the Clarinet with cadenzas. Instead, I have the clarinet omnipresent, in a central solo role, portraying the essence of our protagonists in this story and what they encountered as the story unfolds.

– Frank Horvat

Movements and Duration:

1st movement: 5:15
2nd movement: 6:15
3rd movement: 8:30
Total Duration: 20 minutes

Performing Forces:

Instrument1st Movement2nd Movement3rd Movement
Solo Clarinet in Bb×××
Flute 1×××
Flute 2×××
Oboe 1×××
Oboe 2×××
Bass Clarinet×××
Horn in F 1×××
Horn in F 2×××
Trumpet in C 1××
Trumpet in C 2××
Percussion 1Timpani
Tam Tam
XylophoneTubular Bells
Percussion 2Tubular Bells
Bass Drum
Crash Cymbals
Violin I×××
Violin II×××

Commissioned by the Greater Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra and Michael Westwood.


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