Fake News

2018 – cello & piano – 6:45

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  1. Fake News (midi demo) 06:46


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Programme Notes

When I was a kid, sometimes I couldn’t help myself but flatulate when in public. The best way to deflect attention from the fact that I had just emitted gaseous matter from my body was to scream, “ooh, who farted???”, as loud as I could. That way no one would suspect that I was the culprit.

Don’t you feel like the same technique is being used today in referral to certain political figures? In order to give one the right to tell lies, all one must do is scream and yell that the entire Fifth Estate is made up of liars and cheaters who have a hidden agenda to spread fake news. That way, everything one says will be considered the truth.

Do these leaders feel that all of the masses are this gullible and don’t have the ability to cross-reference the facts?

This composition is inspired by the frenetic and disturbing nature of the time in which we live.

– Frank Horvat


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