Ghoulash Folk Song

1994-96 – for unaccompanied cello – 3:10

Sheet Music

Score (pdf)


Live Performance
Date: November 1994
Musicians: Dong Sheng (cello)
Engineer: Frank Horvat
Location: University of Toronto, Faculty of Music, Walter Hall

  1. Ghoulash Folk Song (live) Dong Sheng (cello) 03:10


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Programme Notes

I grew up in a good, hot-blooded Hungarian family where dinnertime wasn’t just about food. Dinner conversations could easily transform themselves into heated arguments, desperate pleas, and sorrowful moments of sharing fears & doubts…and that’s before dessert!

This song is very much influenced by the rich Hungarian folk music tradition, specifically the use of modes and driving rhythms especially on off-beats. The cello is an instrument that has such a diverse range in timbre & mood. I found these options helpful in trying to depict a variety of emotions all in one solo instrumental piece.

– Frank Horvat


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