2022 – for a cappella Treble Choir – 3:30

Sheet Music

Score (pdf)

  1. Helianthus (demo) Émilie Tack (mezzo-soprano), music by Frank Horvat, words by Christine Pennylegion 03:22


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World Premiere: Jun 3, 2022, De Kriekelaar GC, Brussels, Belgium
Schaerbelles (concert marking 100 days of War in Ukraine)

Canadian Premiere: May 7, 2023, Eastminster United Church, Toronto
Bach Children’s Chorus

Programme Notes

The barbaric invasion of the Ukraine in early 2022 reminded me of how vulnerable the world is to falling into the trap of trying to solve disputes through violence and war. I was inspired to compose this choral work as a means to promote the idea of peace. It seems pretty obvious to say “yes” to peace and “no” to war. But humankind has proved time and time again throughout history that it will regularly fall victim to the idea that violence can solve problems or achieve prosperity. I feel that this mindset can shift if we continue to promote the idea of peace.

I hope this composition reminds us that there is power in patience and trust. Even when we disagree, let’s listen and respect our differences while at the same time discussing what we have in common. Let’s tune-out messages that promote division and fear. Let’s focus on the power of love.

Many thanks to my good friends, Janet Correia & Alice Dearden, for their invaluable input on this composition. I would also like to thank Christine Pennylegion for allowing me to set her poignant poem to music. It is an honour and privilege to collaborate with a fellow artist who shares optimism for a peaceful future.❤ ☮

– Frank Horvat

Many thanks to Émilie Tack for recording the above audio demo and to her husband Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven for engineering and mixing it.