Inspired by the One I Love

2012 – for The Frank Horvat Band (voice, keyboards, electric guitar, double bass) – 4:51

Music by Frank Horvat
Words by Lisa Horvat

Sheet Music

Score (pdf)
Voice Part (pdf)
Keyboard Parts (pdf)
Electric Guitar Part (pdf)
Double Bass Part (pdf)


World Premiere:
January 21, 2014
The Frank Horvat Band
I Can See You CD Release
@ Creatures:Collective Gallery, Toronto Canada

Other Performances:
January 31, 2014 (8am); January 31, 2014 (midnight); February 15, 2014 (3pm); February 15, 2014 (9pm)
The Frank Horvat Band
@ Creatures:Collective Gallery, Toronto Canada

  1. Inspired by the One I Love The Frank Horvat Band - Frank Horvat (keys), Felicity Williams (vocals), Thom Gill (guitar), Joseph Phillips (bass) Buy on iTunes 04:50


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Album: I Can See You
Buy Song: iTunes or CDBaby
Date: March-June 2013
Location: THE FARM, Toronto
Musicians: Frank Horvat (keys), Felicity Williams (vocals), Thom Gill (guitar), Joseph Phillips (bass)
Producer: Frank Horvat and Jean Martin

I Can See You - The Frank Horvat Band

Programme Notes

I wrote Inspired by the One I Love after I discovered an old notebook which contained poetry that my now wife, Lisa, had written as a teenager. The words really jumped out at me as something that would work well in a musical context. This is one of many poems that I used when writing for my two band albums, I Can See You and Strange Machine.

Most of Lisa’s notebook contained angsty teenage poetry. But this was the last poem in the notebook. It was what she wrote after we returned from a high school band trip to Halifax. It was on that trip that her and I fell in love. Sitting on Citadel Hill, we planned our whole life together, which up to now, we have stayed true to.

Setting her teenage words to my music as an adult was an extremely special personal experience. It was sort of like climbing into a time machine and reliving those special moments all over again.

Because of the poignancy of the words, I was always determined to have as simple an approach with the instrumental part as possible. That being said, the subtlety is what I was after in all aspects of composing this piece. When falling in love, the world goes on around you but there’s something quiet and special going on within one’s soul all at the same time.

– Frank Horvat

Keyboard Parts:
Comprising a synth pad and a piano, both parts can be played by one keyboard player if they played the synth pad with their right hand and piano with the left hand. Or each can be played by a separate keyboard player.


Green hills tumbling down
And the wind whistles
As the sun pours over existence

On a pier of darkness we met
On a hill of green we greet
Absorb feelings embedded deep

It can’t be so – the thump of two hearts
Yours and mine
Over and over and over

A flowing of blood
A giving of souls
A combining of two

My thoughts don’t do justice
To the flame in my heart

Eyes so deep, nose so brown
Lips a smooth red
Arms that envelope
Hearts that pound


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