John’s Suggestion

2012 – for The Frank Horvat Band – 6:49

Music and words by Frank Horvat

  1. John's Suggestion The Frank Horvat Band - Frank Horvat (keys), Christine Duncan (vocals), Thom Gill (guitar), Joseph Phillips (bass) Buy on iTunes 06:48


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Album: I Can See You
Buy Song: iTunes or CDBaby
Date: March-June 2013
Location: THE FARM, Toronto
Musicians: Frank Horvat (keys), Christine Duncan (vocals), Thom Gill (guitar), Joseph Phillips (bass)
Producer: Frank Horvat and Jean Martin

I Can See You - The Frank Horvat Band

Programme Notes

The few words in John’s Suggestion were scribbled in a notebook back in the late 1990s when a prominent composer had given me career advice. Back then, I did not have the heart to tell him that his suggestions were nothing new to me. Fast forward to 2012 when I was writing new music for my first band album, I Can See You, I saw those three phrases in the same notebook and they just jumped out at me with the melody. So I applied it to this very uniquely and varied orchestrated instrumental backdrop.

Compositionally, the piece is special to me because it was the first time I ever composed a piece where it gradually gets faster from the very beginning to the very end. That being said, I did not want it to be noticed consciously, so I stretched it out and made the piece longer. It was so much fun having such a precisely mapped out click track in the recording session.

– Frank Horvat


John has made the suggestion
The suggestion is simple

I’ve made this suggestion
Many times before

John thinks that it’s…


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