March of Tolerance

2003-04 – for 2 pianos / 8 hands or piano ensemble – 6:00

Sheet Music

Score (pdf)
Piano Part 1 (pdf)
Piano Part 2 (pdf)

  1. March of Tolerance (midi demo) 05:26


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Programme Notes

When I watch the news or observe my immediate surroundings, I notice that as a society, we are doing an awful job of being kind, sympathetic and tolerant of each other. Okay, that might sound naive, but just think about it. Each day, we are hurting each other, starving each other, ignoring each other, and killing each other. And why? Well, I’m no psychologist but maybe it’s because we are unable to recognize how our everyday actions effect others. Tolerance is a virtue that must not be ignored. Tolerance is a virtue that we can’t afford to ignore. Tolerance is a virtue that we should nurture.

While exploring these issues in this work, I decided to use percussive themes normally associated with a militaristic march. The rationale behind this is to use the same patriotic tones that usually inspire a soldier to kill except reversing the sentiment and using the rhythms to motivate tolerance. The interweaving of these percussive motifs is combined with various ballad-like melodies including the quotation from a gospel hymn of faith.

This piece is written with the hope that rather than working communally to destroy each other, we can “march” together to respect one and other. Musicians coming together to perform this work is one small step.

– Frank Horvat


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