2016 – flute & piano – 6:05

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  1. Me Jamie Thompson (flute), Gregory Millar (piano) Buy on iTunes 06:16


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World Premiere: October 19, 2016, St. Anne’s Anglican Church, Toronto
Jamie Thompson (flute)
Gregory Millar (piano)


Album: Me to We
Buy Piece: iTunes
Date: September 18, 2017
Location: Canterbury Studios, Toronto
Musicians: Gregory Millar (piano), Jamie Thompson (flute)
Composed & Produced By: Frank Horvat
Engineered By: Jeremy Darby & Julian Decorte

Me to We album - composed by Frank Horvat

Programme Notes

Me is a musical study of a solitary figure. It is about a person who leads their life without a soul mate to share it with. Are they happy and content? Do they yearn to have a life partner? Do they feel fulfilled despite not having someone to share life with?

On the surface, the piece might sound empty but it really is emotionally ambiguous. The flute acts as our voice, sometimes playing an optimistic melody, and sometimes playing little notes that give us a solitary feel.

Composing this piece was an intense process, putting myself in this emotional space, as I was committed to exploring the emotional pros and cons of being solitary. It is played very much from the heart on my album, Me to We.

– Frank Horvat

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