My Family: The Early Years

1997 – music documentary covering 1970-1982: samples & MIDI – 44:00

  1. My Family: The Early Years - Part 1 Frank Horvat 09:19
  2. My Family: The Early Years - Part 2 Frank Horvat 10:48
  3. My Family: The Early Years - Part 3 Frank Horvat 08:56
  4. My Family: The Early Years - Part 4 Frank Horvat 15:08


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Programme Notes

This is one of the most personal projects that I have ever worked on. I created this documentary as a Christmas gift for my parents. The documentary chronicles their early years in Canada as immigrants, a story of overcoming obstacles to create a life for themselves. As I worked on this, I quickly realized that this was going to be personal self-exploration for me as well.

Other than my narration, the source of the material was from old audio cassettes that were gathering dust in my parent’s house. Next to letter writing, recording one’s voice and sending that instead of a letter was popular back in the 1970s. These recorded words, mostly in Hungarian, offer a glimpse into the relationship of different family members and how the stress of an ocean separating those bonds affected my parents.

– Frank Horvat


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