2018 – string quartet – 8:20

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  1. Oblivion Odin Quartet Album 08:20


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Album: From Oblivion to Hope
Date: March 31, 2023

Musician(s): Odin Quartet – Alex Toskov (violin), Tanya Charles Iveniuk (violin), Matt Antal (viola), Samuel Bisson (cello)
Producer: Frank Horvat & Alex Toskov
Location: Canterbury Music, Toronto
Label: I Am Who I Am Records

From Oblivion to Hope album - composed by Frank Horvat

Programme Notes

Oh, how “delightful” to go through life completely oblivious to the world around you – oblivious to the abuses against our air and water, against the fundamental rights of all humans, against love and compassion. No, you live in this mindless bubble where you can do no wrong; nothing (and no one) can touch you. What a “glorious” life you lead. #sarcasm

– Frank Horvat


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