Ode to the Evil Patty Hewes

2013 – violin & piano – 14:30

Sheet Music
Score (pdf)
Violin Part (pdf)


World Premiere: June 24, 2014, Sofia, Bulgaria
Ralitsa Tcholakova (violin)
Zornitsa Radionova (piano)

  1. Ode to the Evil Patty Hewes - I. Ruthless - II. Master Manipulator Edwin Huizinga (violin), Frank Horvat (piano) Buy or Stream 08:52
  2. Ode to the Evil Patty Hewes - III. Brilliant Edwin Huizinga (violin), Frank Horvat (piano) Buy or Stream 05:33


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Album: Project Dovetail
Date: October 22, 2021

Musician(s): Edwin Huizinga (violin), Frank Horvat (piano)
Producer: Frank Horvat
Location: Canterbury Music, Toronto
Label: Centrediscs

Project Dovetail album - composed by Frank Horvat

1. Ruthless (4:30)
2. Master Manipulator (5:00)
3. Brilliant (5:00)

Programme Notes

This composition musically depicts the fictional main character from the TV show, Damages. At the time of composing this work, I had just completed watching the first 2 seasons of Damages on Netflix. I became very intrigued by Patty Hewes, a New York attorney and power broker who will do anything to win her case as well as get her way. What made me think that she could be depicted instrumentally is when I visited her Wikipedia page (yes that’s right, fictional characters have wiki pages), and she was described as “ruthless”, “a master manipulator” and “brilliant”. These were most definitely the best ways to describe her and also capture her multi-faceted and complicated nature. From movement to movement, the instruments change musical character but there’s still an attempt to encapsulate that this piece is all about one complicated person.

– Frank Horvat

Commissioned by Ralitsa Tcholakova.


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