Piano Piece No. 2

1996 – for solo piano – 4:00

Sheet Music

Score (pdf)


World Premiere:
March 9, 1996
Frank Horvat (piano)
Royal Conservatory Concert Hall
Toronto Canada

Other Performances:
December 10, 1997
Bravo Television


Date: January 1996
Musicians: Frank Horvat (piano)
Engineer: Frank Horvat, Steve Pollett, Lisa Tomsic
Location: University of Toronto, Faculty of Music

  1. Piano Piece No. 2 Frank Horvat (piano) 03:33


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Programme Notes

I have always been intrigued by the gritty rumble of the low register of a piano. It is a completely different character than the bright (and sometimes sweet) nature of the upper register. In Piano Piece No. 2, I explore the vulgar side of the piano. The irregular metres and the barbaric tone combine to explore the fine line between structured chaos and musical anarchy.

– Frank Horvat

Poetry Inspired by Piano Piece No. 2

by Imre Attila János Torma – 2016

Chain Linked and Ordered

Concretize my frenzy,
chain linked by the pecking order,
of urbana.
I live in the city
Envied by the world all over
To what clear end?

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