Piano Piece No. 4, For Me & You

1998-2001 – for piano duet (4 hands / 1 piano) – 16:00

Sheet Music

Score (pdf)


World Premiere:
March 24, 2002
Kong Kie Njo (piano)
Frank Horvat (piano)
Salon des Refusées, Toronto


Album: Me to We
Buy Piece: iTunes
Date: September 18, 2017
Location: Canterbury Studios, Toronto
Musicians: Gregory Millar (piano), Lisa Raposa (piano)
Composed & Produced By: Frank Horvat
Engineered By: Jeremy Darby & Julian Decorte

Me to We album - composed by Frank Horvat

  1. Piano Piece No. 4, For Me & You Millar Piano Duo - Lisa Raposa & Gregory Millar Buy on iTunes 16:10


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Programme Notes

That wonderfully hypnotic state when you have been fortunate enough to find someone to share your most personal thoughts and feelings with.

Piano Piece No. 4 was a breakthrough piece for me both musically and personally. It is a piece where I had an epiphany. It is a piece that has epitomized my change in attitude about how I want my compositions to sound. It’s a piece that I needed to complete in order to prove to myself that my music can be a soundboard for my own thoughts, mannerisms and personality.

The texture that is created in combining the lower and upper voices of the piano along with the endless rhythmic intensity is what gives the piece a hypnotic state. Whether I’m performing or listening to this piece, I can’t help but feel comfortable being in my own thoughts; whatever they might be at that specific moment.

My mission in this piece is not to try to convey my interpretation of what I think a listener should be feeling or thinking. The listener should allow this piece to provoke their own personal thoughts. The only person who could ever truly understand what I think while experiencing this piece is the love of my life. That is why For Me & You seems such an appropriate sub-title. It is an appropriate sub-title for anyone who is fortunate enough to have someone to share their most personal thoughts and feelings with.

– Frank Horvat


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