Piano Piece No. 5

2015 – for two-piano duet – 9:00

Sheet Music

Score (pdf)

  1. Piano Piece No. 5 Millar Piano Duo 09:09


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Piano Piece No. 5 (Frank Horvat) from Millar Piano Duo on Vimeo.


World Premiere: November 20, 2017, University of New Hampshire
Millar Piano Duo

Programme Notes

Unlike many of my compositions, this piece is not programmatic, as is evident by the nondescript title. That being said, when I listen to it, I can see much of my own personality and favourite musical characteristics: motoric, percussive, unsettled, dramatic and moody. Having 2 pianos achieve all this is a plus because of the “big” nature of the sound of the combined instruments. I want it to feel orchestral but with the one-dimensional nature of the timbre.

Over the span of my composing life, I have assigned this mundane template of a title to sporadic piano pieces. It’s sort of interesting and nostalgic for me to see how the pieces have evolved over the years and how my compositional voice has changed. The piano has always been a central instrument in all my work so it’s nice to share a piece like this that attempts to push the intensity of both the virtuosity and expressiveness of 2 pianists to a whole other strata.

– Frank Horvat