2019 – for violin & marimba – 60:00

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  1. Positivity (midi demo) Frank Horvat 1:00:00


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Programme Notes

Composing this piece is part of an on-going mission for me, both creatively and personally, to simply be happy and positive. For a person like me who battles depression, that can be a challenging task. But these days, my inner aura is often in a contented state thanks to the love that surrounds me and the energetic gratitude I feel to be able to do what I do. Many causes I’m passionate about, like climate change and human rights, are not very conducive to being in a state of positivity. But any victory or improvement, however small, must be celebrated. Bringing about change is always better achieved through a smile than a fist. This is so important in not allowing yourself to be dragged down into negativity. In our short attention-span world where we are emotionally and manically bounced back and forth between “happy” and “sad”, we need to counter that and take extended time exclusively in a state of positivity. Hopefully the 60-minute duration of this composition will help others in that pursuit.

– Frank Horvat

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