Return to East Aleppo

2017 – piano & fixed electronics – 5:12


Album: Never Again Is Now
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Musicians: Various including Frank Horvat (piano)

Never Again Is Now - The Aleppo Music Project

  1. Return to East Aleppo Frank Horvat (piano) 05:09


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Programme Notes

On January 18, 2017, I read an article on BBC News’ web site by journalist, Jeremy Brown, who provided a detailed first-hand account of the return of 40,000 displaced people to their homes in war-ravaged East Aleppo, Syria. To hope that they returned to something similar to what they had fled is a gross distortion of reality.  Most buildings and homes are completely destroyed. Those who survived carpet bombing and sniper fire have lost everything but their lives. Many are determined to make the best of it. But overall, like in any war, it is the common people that are the greatest victims. And for the residents of East Aleppo, this is gravely true.

Inspired by Brown’s in-depth article, I tried to put myself in the position of what it would be like to traverse through those surroundings. To walk among the rubble, the surreal scenes and carnage. This composition is the soundtrack that accompanied those visions in my mind.

– Frank Horvat

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