Seriously Sweet

2000 – for cello & piano – 12:00

Sheet Music

Score (pdf)
Cello Part (pdf)


World Premiere:
March 3, 2002
Alan Stellings (cello)
Frank Horvat (piano)
Toronto Canada

Other Performances:
November 12, 2023
Alyssa Wright (cello)
Sandra Ruttan (piano)
Barrie Canada

September 24, 2009
Alan Stellings (cello)
Frank Horvat (piano)
Toronto Canada

  1. Seriously Sweet (midi demo) 11:44


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Programme Notes

Seriously Sweet is two pieces in one! The first half is a “hard hitting” rhythmically intense interplay between the cello and piano. The second half shows a more ballad-like, gentler side with a slower tempo and delicate voicing.

Other than just contrasts in tempo and rhythm, this work also explores my compositional interest in combining musical styles. It contains smatterings of pop, jazz, minimalist and even schmaltzy Hollywood film music. I have always believed that the content of a musical composition does not have to be limited to any one specific style. As a musician, I’ve been exposed to many styles of music. I’ve always been fascinated by how the fusion of different sounds and attitudes can make a composition unique in itself.

Seriously Sweet is my way of dealing with the question that most composers detest, “What kind of music do you write?”

– Frank Horvat


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