Slam Jam!

1999 – for flute & piano – 6:00

Sheet Music

Score (pdf)
Flute Part (pdf)


World Premiere:
March 7, 1999
Sandra Anderson (flute)
Frank Horvat (piano)
Lyceum Club, Toronto Canada

Other Performances:
June 26, 2008
Michele Jacot (flute)
Frank Horvat (piano)
Hugh’s Room, Toronto

  1. Slam Jam! (midi demo) 05:28


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Programme Notes

When I was in high school, there would be some days when I would spend hours in the music room improvising with friends. It didn’t matter what style it was; blues, to rock, to cheesy pop ballad-like themes, anything was fair game. It was as much a social occasion as it was a musical one, and it was one of those places in time that I look back at as fun beyond belief!

In Slam Jam, I revisit these memories and musical ideas. The flute is such a great (but not often used) instrument in popular styles of music. The low register has a nice mellow contrast to the brightness of the upper register. Those high notes can really wail on those blues riffs!

– Frank Horvat


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