Spend Your Kids’ Inheritance

2014-2019 for 5f & 4m actors
book & lyrics by Catherine Frid
music by Frank Horvat


Musical Premiere:
Toronto Fringe Festival
July 4-14, 2019
Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse, Toronto Canada
(more info at the show’s website)

Staged Reading:
Big Ideas Festival
May 13, 2015
Alumnae Theatre, Toronto Canada

Script and Score

The Book
Piano and Vocal Score


Location: THE FARM, Toronto; Engineer: Jean Martin

  1. Half Life (studio demo) Christine Duncan (Nelly), Penelope Cookson (Clara), Brianne Tucker (Tanya), Renee Stein (Alice), Reid Spencer (Hal), Susan Q Wilson 03:59
  2. Together (studio demo) Penelope Cookson (Clara), Renee Stein (Alice) 03:13
  3. Invisibility (studio demo) Renee Stein (Alice), Penelope Cookson (Clara), Reid Spencer (Hal) 03:30
  4. This Is It (studio demo) Penelope Cookson (Clara), Renee Stein (Alice), Reid Spencer (Hal), Brianne Tucker (Lori/Tanya), Tyler McKinnon (Bryan/Zane) 03:13
  5. New Waters (studio demo) Penelope Cookson (Clara), Brianne Tucker (Lori), Renee Stein (Alice), Reid Spencer (Hal), Susan Q Wilson (Nelly), Tyler McKinnon (Bryan) 02:07


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Half Life: The Alpine Retirement Home’s Administrator, Tanya, urges the residents to live more cautiously but Nelly’s spirited challenge inspires Alice, Clara and even Hal to declare they: “won’t freeze-dry life; give it to me fresh!”

Together: Alice and Clara at first despair at being kept apart, but as they affirm their love, they gain the strength to joyously declare that they’ll overcome all adversity to “find a way, together.”

Invisibility: As Clara, Alice and Hal find themselves in a restaurant in Montreal, they also find themselves a little transparent to others.

This Is It: Clara, Alice and Hal are caught in a bad position as their relatives and friends panic and lament their disagreements.

New Waters: Musical Finale

SPEND YOUR KIDS’ INHERITANCE is a reverse coming-of-age musical dramedy about four seniors who plot to regain control of their finances and escape their suburban retirement home.

A newcomer upsets the status quo at Alpine Retirement Home, unleashing repressed desires and igniting conflict between staff, residents, and their adult children. Their new dreams bond four of the home’s older adults. They embark on a journey that forces them to wrestle with the power of choice and its consequences, and that challenges stereotypes about love, age, family, friendship… and freedom.

Catherine and Frank’s new musical explores the power of life-changing adventure, at any age. This musical celebrates seniors, making them the heroes of our story, and challenging stereotypes. Spend Your Kids’ Inheritance explores the chapter of life usually portrayed as being about winding down and fading away, but instead casts this time as an opportunity for fulfillment.


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