String Quartet No. 2

1997 (revised 2022) – for string quartet – 6:30

Sheet Music

Score (pdf)


World Premiere:
April 3, 1997
Toronto Canada


Album: From Oblivion to Hope
Date: coming 2023 (find out more)

Musician(s): Odin Quartet – Alex Toskov (violin), Tanya Charles Iveniuk (violin), Matt Antal (viola), Samuel Bisson (cello)
Producer: Frank Horvat
Location: Canterbury Music, Toronto

Programme Notes

This one-movement string quartet is raw and “in your face”. Inspired by hard rock, thrash, and metal, it mimics musical characteristics most often found in these genres. From thick textured orchestration, to “crunchy” riffs, to melodic shrieks, the four instrumentalists constantly push the intensity envelope to the limits.

I composed this piece when I was a music student in my early 20s. Some 25 years later, I revised the piece to make it a little less crazy! It’s not that I did not like the chaos that the music evokes…it just seemed a bit too out of control. Doing the revision gave me some insight into my mindset back then…I was manic and full of anxiety. Life was uncertain and everyday felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants. I’m sure many can relate to this feeling. I’m happy I’m not like that today. But it still has an important place in my heart to see where I started and I how far I’ve come.

– Frank Horvat


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