Sun and Rain

2012 – for The Frank Horvat Band – 3:27

Music by Frank Horvat
Words by Lisa Horvat


World Premiere:
January 21, 2014
The Frank Horvat Band
I Can See You CD Release
@ Creatures:Collective Gallery, Toronto Canada

Other Performances:
January 31, 2014 (8am); January 31, 2014 (midnight); February 15, 2014 (3pm); February 15, 2014 (9pm)
The Frank Horvat Band
@ Creatures:Collective Gallery, Toronto Canada

  1. Sun and Rain The Frank Horvat Band - Frank Horvat (keys), Felicity Williams (vocals), Justin Haynes (guitar), Joseph Phillips (bass), Jean Martin (percussion) Buy on iTunes 03:26


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Album: I Can See You
Buy Song: iTunes or CDBaby
Date: March-June 2013
Location: THE FARM, Toronto
Musicians: Frank Horvat (keys), Felicity Williams (vocals), Justin Haynes (guitar), Joseph Phillips (bass), Jean Martin (percussion)
Producer: Frank Horvat and Jean Martin

I Can See You - The Frank Horvat Band

Programme Notes

I wrote Sun and Rain after I discovered an old notebook which contained angst-filled poetry that my now wife, Lisa, had written as a teenager. The words really jumped out at me as something that would work well in a musical context. This is one of many poems that I used when writing my two band albums, I Can See You and Strange Machine.

Sun and Rain is really more of an instrumental and the inclusion of vocals sparingly is purposely done as a musical effect. While the recording did not involve many musicians, it does have a lot of changes in mood, instrumentation and electronics. I really experimented a lot with trying to create big contrasts in small sections in a short duration between the in-your-face vs. introspectiveness. Often in life, we must turn on a dime between those two states.

– Frank Horvat


I remember when the days were sunny
All day long it shone
As the rain comes down I see mistakes here
The mistakes I made


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