The Joy & Pain

1998 – for solo voice & instrumental accompaniment – 5:00


World Premiere:
June 17, 1998
Film: A Divine Comedy
Bravo Television Network


Date: 1998
Musicians: Vilma Vitols (voice), Carl Nanders (violin), Nevawn Patrick (trombone), Frank Horvat (accordion)
Engineer: Frank Horvat, Adam Goddard
Location: Frank’s Home Studio

  1. The Joy & Pain Vilma Vitols (voice), Carl Nanders (violin), Nevawn Patrick (trombone), Frank Horvat (accordion) 03:53
  2. Incidental Music Carl Nanders (violin), Nevawn Patrick (trombone), Frank Horvat (accordion) 04:54


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Programme Notes

I was approached by the filmmaker, Sarah Willinsky, to compose a song that she wanted to include in a short film under the title, “A Divine Comedy”. The film features scenes of glutinous delight, commedia del’arte clowns, acrobats, and a sultry cabaret singer who provides entertainment for all the revelers. It is this conception that inspired me to compose the cheeky lyrics and musical accompaniment emblematic of Kurt Weill and circus music influences.

The full score includes voice, violin, trombone, accordion, organ, double bass, and percussion. But vocalists are also welcome to perform it along with piano or single-instrument accompaniment only.

– Frank Horvat


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