The Maturing Suite

1994-96 – for violin & cello – 7:00

Sheet Music

Piece #1 (pdf)
Piece #2 (pdf)
Piece #3 (pdf)
Piece #4 (pdf)
Piece #5 (pdf)


World Premiere:
November 7, 1996
Toronto Canada

Contemporary Showcase


Date: November 7, 1996
Musicians: Soo-Jung Yu (violin), Meran Currie-Roberts (cello)
Engineer: Frank Horvat
Location: University of Toronto, Faculty of Music, Walter Hall

  1. The Maturing Suite - Piece No. 1 (live) Soo-Jung Yu (violin), Meran Currie-Roberts (cello) 00:39
  2. The Maturing Suite - Piece No. 2 (live) Soo-Jung Yu (violin), Meran Currie-Roberts (cello) 01:05
  3. The Maturing Suite - Piece No. 3 (live) Soo-Jung Yu (violin), Meran Currie-Roberts (cello) 00:46
  4. The Maturing Suite - Piece No. 4 (live) Soo-Jung Yu (violin), Meran Currie-Roberts (cello) 01:32
  5. The Maturing Suite - Piece No. 5 (live) Soo-Jung Yu (violin), Meran Currie-Roberts (cello) 02:25


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Programme Notes

The Maturing Suite is a set of 5 pieces for string duo. I conceived the suite as something that violin and cello students could enjoy practicing and performing together. The suite of pieces can be presented in whole or part.

Musically, I wanted each piece to evoke its own unique character and feature a specific string and composition technique:

I: lyrical interplay between the 2 instruments
II: very melancholy, expressive folk piece, much vibrato
III: playful, quick, light
IV: haunting, like the soundtrack of a scary movie, featuring tremolo and glissandi
V: very rhythmic, groove oriented, lot’s of pizzicato, optional: perform with a metronome or a 3rd person can tap or clap quarter notes throughout.

While the pieces that make up the suite are relatively short, the duration matures and gets longer as you go from piece to piece. The suite was also composed in my student days so I felt that the experience of composing it allowed me to mature in my compositional craft.

Many thanks to my friend, Mehdi Javanfar, for his invaluable suggestions for this suite.

– Frank Horvat


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