The Resolve

2002 – for solo piano – 8:00

Sheet Music

Score (pdf)


World Premiere:
June 8, 2002
Frank Horvat (piano)
Toronto Canada

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Other Performances:
Prezi Piano Concerts – January 20, 2013 (4pm, Musideum Toronto); January 20, 2013 (7pm, Musideum Toronto); April 13, 2013 (Ottawa); June 15, 2013 (Gallery 345 Toronto)

Plus more concerts across North America since 2007 supporting the album, I’ll Be Good.


Album: I’ll Be Good
Buy Song: iTunes or CDBaby
Date: March 2007
Location: Acrobat Music, Pickering ON
Musicians: Frank Horvat (piano)
Engineer: Jim Morgan
I'll Be Good by Frank Horvat

Programme Notes

A facet of society that I admire immensely is athletes. I am a sports junkie! I can’t get enough of watching sports like hockey, soccer, and tennis, just to name a few. Then there are the Olympics, which feature many tests of endurance that I find most intriguing.

The Resolve depicts the action of pushing the human body to its physical limit in pursuance of a goal. The nature of the rhythmic patterns emulates how an athlete’s body can work like a machine during physical activity. The repetitive motion of body parts, the pounding pulsation of the heart, the beat being created by the sound of feet hitting concrete; these were all influences for the musical material.

Performing The Resolve is a physical endeavour in itself. For me, the marriage between physical activity and music combines the two activities that stimulate me so greatly – physically, mentally and spiritually.

– Frank Horvat



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