Timeless Life

2019 – for orchestra (0000 / 2010 / timp / 2hp.pf / str) – 6:00

Sheet Music

Score (pdf)
[please contact me for the complete parts]

  1. Timeless Life (midi demo) 06:03


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Programme Notes

This work is inspired by the idea that it is okay to have a mindset that one can live forever. While a life with no restrictions of time is medically and physically impossible, why can’t we dream of it anyway? After all, love, solitude, joy and nature are all timeless. They have no beginning and no end. These are all mysterious things but if one lives with a devotion to them, then perhaps it is okay to extend that eternal mindset to our own life. There’s nothing that can’t be accomplished. Fulfillment, compassion and confidence are in all of us. If you never think about when it will all end, how much more could you achieve? How much happier could you be?

– Frank Horvat

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