Two Hearts In Concert

2021 – for violin and viola – 3:15


Premiere Performance

World Premiere: July 21, 2021, Edmonton, Canada
Fabiola Amorim (viola), Vladimir Rufino (violin)


Album: DEBUT
Date: July 2022

Musician(s): Amorim-Rufino Duo – Fabiola Amorim (viola), Vladimir Rufino (violin)
Producer(s): Vladimir Rufino, Fabiola Amorim
Location: Muttart Hall, Edmonton, AB Canada
Label: Azul Music

Debut album - track composed by Frank Horvat

Programme Notes

When the Amorim-Rufino Duo approached me to compose a new piece for them, I was very delighted by the opportunity. Fabiola and Vladimir are not just music partners, but life partners. And since I also work full-time with my soul mate on creative pursuits, the opportunity to compose a piece around the idea of connectedness was very intriguing to me.

Over the years, Lisa and I can have the most lively and passionate conversations but this does not occur as frequently as the quiet interactions where we are aware and empathetic to each other’s feelings and thoughts without verbally conveying them in words. Instead, it’s transferred by an energy between us. Subtle movements and gestures. Very personal moments that happen between us.

Two Hearts in Concert conveys this non-verbal communication between two kindred spirits. The intermingling of the violin and viola captures this empathy and love between both parts. A love founded on a bond of caring and compassion.

Commissioned by the Amorim-Rufino Duo with the financial support of the Edmonton Arts Council.

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