What the Walls Feel as they…

…Stare at Rob Ford Sitting in his Office

2013 – for clarinet choir / ensemble – 9:00

Eb, 1st Bb (at least 2 players or utilize fixed electronics file), 2nd Bb, Alto, Bass, Contrabass (optional)
1st Bb, 2nd Bb (at least 2 players or fixed electronics file), 3rd Bb, 1st Bass, 2nd Bass

Sheet Music
Version 1:
Score | Eb | Bb1 | Bb2 | Alto | Bass | Contrabass

Version 2 (no Eb or CB):
Score | Bb1 | Bb2 | Bb3 | Bass1 | Bass2

  1. What the Walls Feel as they Stare at Rob Ford Sitting in his Office Peter Stoll (clarinets) Buy or Stream 09:02


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Album: What Goes Around
Date: October 25, 2019
Musician(s): Peter Stoll
Producer: Frank Horvat and Jean Martin
Location: THE FARM, Toronto
Label: Centrediscs

What Goes Around album - composed by Frank Horvat


January 28, 2020
Peter Stoll and his clarinet ensemble (Hannah O’Connor, Kevin Vuong, Tiago Delgado, Carina Chan)

August 6, 2023
National Flute Association, Phoenix, Arizona

Programme Notes

In November 2013, the city I live in was completely captivated by the madness caused by our crack-smoking mayor who also had aggressive alcoholic outbursts and criminal acquaintances. Observing media coverage of the circus that ensued, I couldn’t help but wonder what was deep in this man’s heart. Does he have regret? Does he wish he could have handled things differently? Often, only the walls in a person’s office can observe their most private moments of reflection. What if those walls expressed their feelings? What would they say? This piece attempts to paraphrase the walls as they try to understand what lies deep in the heart of this larger-than-life person.

– Frank Horvat


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