What Would You Do For Love?

2015 – trumpet & piano – 7:21

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Score (pdf)
Bb Trumpet Part (pdf)
C Trumpet Part (pdf)

  1. What Would You Do For Love? (midi demo) 07:21


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Programme Notes

This composition was inspired by a story I read in the Huffington Post back in 2013 that really touched my heart…

Travis and Taesha were dating. Travis needed a kidney transplant to live. Even though Taesha had a 1 in 30000 chance of being a proper donor for Travis, she got tested anyway and low and behold, she was a match! The surgery was a success and Travis’ life was saved as a result. The article concludes with the sharing of the news that the couple were engaged to be married.

Such a beautiful story that motivated me to compose a piece in a style that even for me, seems a bit schmaltzy! But I am proud of the result since for me the sound of the piece is so linked to Travis and Taesha’s story. I really appreciate the trumpet’s ability to be sweet and lyrical, almost like a great soprano climbing the ladder and belting it out in a dramatic aria! So for all these reasons, I purposely went for a bit of an epic vibe and also made the piano a very orchestral and expressive accompaniment to reinforce this.

Bottom line, my hope is that listeners will appreciate the sweet and majestic moments that musically depict a wonderful feel-good love story.

– Frank Horvat