Wood & Metal Bars

2015 – for percussion quartet – 10:00

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Xylophone Part (pdf)
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Marimba Part (pdf)

  1. Wood & Metal Bars Beverley Johnston (percussion) Buy or Stream 10:08


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Album: What Goes Around
Date: October 25, 2019
Musician(s): Beverley Johnston
Producer: Frank Horvat and Jean Martin
Location: Canterbury Music Co., Toronto
Label: Centrediscs

What Goes Around album - composed by Frank Horvat

Programme Notes

Wood & Metal Bars is a composition where I continue to explore my fascination with looping motifs. Minimalist music has always had a strong connection to percussion performing forces, especially in the work of Steve Reich whose music has been a big influence on me. In composing this percussion-only piece, I wanted to ensure that melody was just as important as rhythm. That is why I decided to create a quartet utilizing the four main mallet instruments. It was interesting to explore the balance in timbre between wood and bell-like sounds.

One thing that makes this work unique compared to most of my other compositions is that it is not programmatic, in other words, not based on a specific non-musical influence. What does make it quite typical of my other works is that it invites the listener to go into another headspace and allow for a certain level of introspection.

I find the piece to be energetic and happy. At the time of composing it, I was in a good spot in my life, feeling content. I hope that rubbed off here.

– Frank Horvat


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