The Man, The Snake and The Fox

Wish I Was There…or Maybe Not

As a composer, it’s always a special occasion and feeling when other musicians play your music. I have been fortunate to have a number of talented individuals do just that in the past number of years. It feels great (and sometimes nerve-racking) to sit in an audience as someone brings your musical ideas to life. But sometimes you can’t be there and that can be sad…or is it?

This Sunday, Ottawa violinist, Ralitsa Tcholakova and her musical friends will bring my composition, The Man, The Snake and The Fox to life once again. But I can’t be there. This is the 2nd time Ralitsa has performed this work in Ottawa and I won’t be there. The first time was because I was doing the 24hr Piano-thon in Toronto at the same time. And this time…well…life has just gotten in the way.

I’m in a big life transition right now. I’ve moving my entire teaching schedule to the weekends and to a new location, Lakeshore Arts. Lisa and I have sold the house, have purchased a condo and this will free up more time and money to compose more music and get the music I’ve already done out there. But with the weekends being taken up by teaching, that means I will miss some performances of my works at times. At first I was sad about this, but then I thought otherwise…

I actually find it alluring that my works can have a life of their own. I don’t have to be there for them to come to life. In fact, once I create them, the hope is that the work has a life of its own and in essence, belongs to everyone to enjoy, to interpret, to feel and to engage. Going one step further, I think it’s sometimes even better if I’m not there. Then it’s only about the music and that performer…three can sometimes be a crowd:)!

So Ottawa (my hometown), enjoy The Man, The Snake and The Fox this Sunday (click here for concert details). I’ll let the music do the talking:)!

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