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  1. Torngat Mountains SĂ©bastien Malette (bassoon), Allison Wiebe (piano) 4:24
  2. Near Moncton SĂ©bastien Malette (bassoon), Allison Wiebe (piano) 3:00
  3. Smoking Hills SĂ©bastien Malette (contrabassoon), Allison Wiebe (piano) 5:48
  4. Near Arctic Bay SĂ©bastien Malette (bassoon), Allison Wiebe (piano) 6:06
  5. Near Wakefield SĂ©bastien Malette (bassoon), Allison Wiebe (piano) 5:15
  6. Great Bear Rainforest SĂ©bastien Malette (bassoon) 5:55
  7. Jasper SĂ©bastien Malette (bassoon) 2:53
  8. East Point SĂ©bastien Malette (bassoon) 3:24
  9. Journey to Bear Cave Mountain SĂ©bastien Malette (bassoon) 2:47
  10. Churchill SĂ©bastien Malette (bassoon), fixed electronics 5:41
  11. Sable Island SĂ©bastien Malette (bassoon), fixed electronics 4:27
  12. Grasslands SĂ©bastien Malette (bassoon), fixed electronics 3:32
  13. Sharbot Lake SĂ©bastien Malette (bassoon), fixed electronics 7:09


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I Am Who I Am Records is proud to present, A Village of Landscapes, a bassoon album of music by Canadian composer Frank Horvat, performed by bassoonist SĂ©bastien Malette.

A Village of Landscapes is a 13-piece suite for bassoon inspired by photos of stirring natural landscapes in Canada. Each photo was taken by award-winning nature photographer, Michelle Valberg. The 13 pieces in the suite represent each of the 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada.

The word “Canada” originates from the Iroquoian word, “Kanata” meaning “village” or settlement. And despite our large size geographically, we are metaphorically a village of various landscapes. We are blessed in this country with such natural beauty. It brings us joy and peace but also inspires us and leaves us awestruck. It is all these feelings that should motivate us to protect the landscapes that encompass our planet. It is such an honour and privilege to use the power of music, through Michelle’s lens, to give this visual beauty another dimension through music.

These 13 pieces have been divided into 3 mini-suites: bassoon with piano, unaccompanied bassoon, and bassoon with electronics. The pieces can be performed individually, as mini-suites or as a whole. I encourage audiences and listeners to take the opportunity to view each of the photos as they listen to the corresponding piece so they can feel the connection, as I did when composing the pieces, between the visual and the aural. It was a wonderful experience to compose this work and I enjoyed a heightened level of appreciation for our natural world thanks to these remarkable photos and the sound of a fabulous musical instrument like the bassoon.                      – Frank Horvat

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It takes a special skill to be able to create a whole atmosphere in a work that is just 2 minutes long. I really liked that.
– Suzy Klein, BBC Radio 3 Essential Classics

Recording funded in part thanks to generous support from:

Recording funded in part thanks to FACTOR

Recording funded in part thanks to the Ontario Arts Council

A Village of Landscapes - composed by Frank Horvat


Contemporary Classical Chamber


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SĂ©bastien Malette (bassoon)
Allison Wiebe (piano)

Composed and Produced By

Frank Horvat

Recorded At

Port Nelson United Church, Burlington, ON Canada, by Kirk Starkey, Dec 20-21 2022

Edited and Mixed By

Kirk Starkey

Fixed Electronics Mixed By

Jean Martin

Mastered By

Dennis Patterson

Cover Photo

Michelle Valberg

Release Date

12 May 2023

Horvat’s music is always an excursion into the soul of an artist who has much to say about the state of our world and its inhabitants.
– MainlyPiano.com

This prolific composer keeps surprising us with diversity and an extent of musical expression, language and themes.
– WholeNote Magazine

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01-13 A Village of Landscapes

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